Selected small works from the Spinifex Arts Project

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the spinifex arts project

Patterns in the landscape


art direction

A3 crash-fold to square booklet

REMOTE, ISOLATED, BOTH HARSH AND BEAUTIFUL are the lands of the Spinifex people – their art is vibrant and breathtaking. Usually accustomed to working on large canvases, the works in this exhibition are all 60 x 75cm – mini versions of their regular work but no less striking. In fact, this point enhances the artists’ skills and expertise to so adeptly adjust proportion and scale.


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Banner image above by Fiona Morrison courtesy Outstation Gallery.

Working with these images and the arresting landscape photos by Amanda Dent from the Spinifex Arts Project, was a joy. The final grid arrangement of the paintings felt like a tapestry or carpet – weaving the colours and patterns in both tonal similarity and contrast. It was like forming one large work out of 30 smaller works. Much like the Spinifex themselves – individual artists and idiosyncratic visual storytelling – that all come together to make a unified whole, each an integral part of the same story.

Photo by Fiona Morrison courtesy Outstation Gallery

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