Connection to country identifies a place in the landscape

Rawa Nyinanyi

96 page exhibition catalogue

outstation gallery &
the spinifex arts project

art direction

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THE SPINIFEX ARTS PROJECT emerged out of work made for a Native Title claim determined in 2001. Rawa Nyinanyi celebrates the unbroken chain of knowledge and Law intrinsic to the Spinifex people that is expressed through their remarkable paintings.

Outstation Gallery and the Spinifex Arts Project commissioned a catalogue to document this exhibition and to link the artists with their work. In 2015 renown portrait photographer Stephen Oxenbury captured the Spinifex artists on country as they painted for the Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art. These striking photographs stage the artists in their land, of their story and connect the portraits with the paintings.

Introduction by Brian Hallett, Studio Manager, Spinifex Arts Project

Lawrence Pennington photograph by Stephen Oxenbury



Stephen Oxenbury
Amanda Dent and Brian Hallett, Spinifex Arts Project
Liam Byne Photography
Fiona Morrison

Rawa Nyinanyi embodies the spirit and connection to country — the stories, the landscape, and the relationship between inma (the singing of country) and the act of painting — with the powerful knowledge and sense of place and identity of Spinifex artists.

spinifex Artists

Simon Hogan
Timo Hogan
Lawrence Pennington
Lois Pennington
Myrtle Pennington

Bryon Brooks
Kanta Donnegan
Fred Grant
Ned Grant
Estelle Inyika Hogan

Patju Presley
Ian Rictor
Winmati Roberts
Ngalpingka Simms

Yarangka Thomas
Roy Underwood
Lennard Walker
Carelene West
Tjaruwa Woods