An identity that reflects the vibrancy and breadth of Indigenous art.

salon des refusÉs

Branding and collateral

outstation gallery &
paul johnstone gallery


identity design
branding 2014-2017
art direction

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rawa nyinanyi

THE SALON DES REFUSÉS is an independent event to exhibit works submitted but not selected for the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA). The Salon is produced by Darwin gallerists, Matt Ward and Paul Johnstone of Outstation Gallery and Paul Johnstone Gallery. The exhibition is held annually in August during the thriving Darwin Festival.

Following the inaugural success of the 2013 Salon, it continues to be a well received and much anticipated event providing a space to show the strength, breadth and diversity of Indigenous art through painting, sculpture, new media and photography.


Decal signage at Charles Darwin University Art Gallery


the shimmer

Brand design

an adaptable and evolving identity


The lines are dynamic, contemporary, edgy and act as connections, far reaching much like songlines.

NIVA DESIGN produced an adaptable identity system that could evolve as the exhibition gained recognition and retention, incorporating the exhibition’s full name and evolving to the shortened form over time.

The research showed a variety of Refusés exhibitions nationally; to link this exhibition with works submitted but not accepted for the Telstra NATSIAA’s, the initial colour palette was chosen to reflect the colours of the Indigenous flag.

Palette changes were incorporated into the identity to mark successive years and maintain the excitement and vibrancy of the exhibition.

The Shimmer shows a dynamic identity that is reflective of indigenous art – from traditional designs to multi-media – it is all inclusive.


Branding and collateral 2016

outstation gallery & paul johnstone gallery



Branding and collateral 2016

outstation gallery & paul johnstone gallery

hosted by charles darwin university



IN 2016 the Salon des Refusés incorporated a palette change, to mark a change in venue and collaboration with Charles Darwin University.

Incorporated into the SALON16, was a feature solo show by glass artist Jenni Kemarre Martiniello. She was the winner of the Telstra NATSIAA in 2013 and has been shown in the Refusés exhibition in successive years. Light Weave was held across two venues at Outstation Gallery and Paul Johnstone Gallery.

PDF catalogue featuring 68 artists
Print and digital collateral



exhibition catalogue 2016

Artworks photographed by Fiona Morrison

93 page PDF featuring 68 artists


Light Weave

glass works by Jenni Kemarre Martiniello

Artworks photographed by Fiona Morrison

PDF catalogue–salon des refuses 2016




celebrating 5 years strong 2013–2017

Branding and collateral 2017